Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

My best birthday present today was a text from our GAL...

"Well our attorney is filing with the court they have already started the process"

Of course she is referring to TPR :)  She also wrote that we have the best attorney possible!  Now, praying that the judge sees things from our perspective of what is best for baby!  From what I have heard this judge is pro- bio family, so she could see that his siblings are with the aunt/uncle and still decide to place him there, but of course we are praying that she realizes that *we* are his family too and leaves him where he is!!!

No word from Dad...2 weeks and counting!  I don't know how long he has to be gone with no contact to have it considered abandonment, but this certainly doesn't look good.  He's totally out of the picture on everyone's radar (as far as getting baby back).  April is going pretty to get through May and just a few days in nerves are going to be fried by June 6th! lol!


aka. "Mimi" said...

YAY!!! Happy Birthday!!! :-)

Mie said...

So what is June 6th, the TPR date?

I only ask because 1 year ago, on June 6th, was our TPR date so I will be celebrating right along with you on that date.

Happy Birthday!

Our Journey said...

June 6th is our next court date where the CM will recommend PG with the aunt/uncle and the GAL will recommend TPR and for Baby to stay with us. It will all be up to the judge as to which way this now goes.