Thursday, August 23, 2012

Accomplishments of the day

  • Quiet time to start my day!
  • Completed all documents for our re-licensing home study!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Jesus that's done for another year :)
  • Homeschooled 3 children (all the while the 1 yr old was demanding attention!)
  • Arranged ANOTHER case worker visit because this dual case management stuff is not working out!  The new CM was here last Monday as a surprise visit with our FDS who was doing our re-licensing visit.  Well for some reason she put her visit in the system as a home study (which for her it wasn't).  They couldn't change it now so the old CM is coming out...why???  I don't know why the new one who is supposed to do the field work isn't coming back....OYE!!!
  • Cookie made :) Healthy ones!
  • Worked out (before eating yummy cookies)
  • Grocery list made and ready for tomorrow's shopping
  • Home made refried beans and refried black beans made
  • Found out that giving the kids ice cubes and a rubber mallet outside  is a great way to stabilize moods and get aggression out!  I plan to make one of those big blocks and hide toys in it.  They loved this activity!
  • Prepped for next week's history lessons
  • Now I am making dinner (chicken with sauteed onions and baked sweet potatoes :)  Our small group leaders are out of town for a few weeks so we are crashing our old life group tonight!  The kids are excited to see their friends and "Mr. Mr. Wong" as Isaac used to call them :)  
There has to more that I accomplished today...oh well, that's gonna have to do :)

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sheldonanddenise said...

Oh my word.... you are super mom!!! You accomplished a whole bunch ~ my hero! We start school in a week and I'm already freaked out and behind schedule :o) Have a fun and blessed school year, Denise