Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Baby has been up to....18 months

So since there is no news in his case I guess I'll update you all on what my sweetie has been up! He turned 18 months a few days ago.

  1. He is cutting EIGHT teeth all at once. can imagine how fun it has been!  Poor things gums are SO swollen.  
  2. He is chatting up a storm!  We walked into Target today and he said "Ga get!" name is Melissa and I'm a Target-a-holic!
  3. He is getting so tall!
  4. He eats like a horse...often eating more than I do!
  5. His chipped tooth has not seemed to bother him.  He looks silly but what are you gonna do?!
  6. He says lots of animal sounds, everyone in our family's name (along with some others) and lots and lots of words!!
  7. He is into pointing out body parts...he can do head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, belly, butt-butt, legs, feet, and arms.
  8. For some reason every mosquito and ant seem to like his sweet legs.  Poor guy!
  9. He melts pretty much anyone he meets with that smile!  He made lots of new friends at the VBS program last night by smiling and clapping when everyone else clapped.  Of course he is one super loud baby so all the other "cheering" (ya during prayer!) made us watch from the foyer!
  10. He is a cuddly, loving, sweet little boy who loves to give kisses and we like to call him "gentle giant" because although  he's pretty tall for his age he has one of the most sensitive spirits about him.  
  11. He LOVES to be outside and will find every person's shoes from the rack and bring them to the right person when it's time to go.  He says "shoes shoes!  Go go go!" and will run to the door and wait for everyone to come :)
  12. He says "Hi" to anyone and everyone, including the people in the cars next to us who couldn't possibly hear his sweet voice.  
  13. He has the longest eye lashes that curl and when he bats those eyes it's so hard to say no!
So that's just a tad about what's going on with our sweetie :)

In other news.....I am not quite sure I will survive the age of 3!  For some reason 3 has been the toughest age for me thus far (yes I know the teenage/hormone years are coming!) It was the same for Andrew and Isaac as well.  The only difference with Michael is that he seems to have double to triple the lung capacity and can carry on a screaming fit for infinitely longer than the other two.  Wheew....the house is always stocked with aspirin!  

The big boys are getting gearing up to start home school again very soon!  I am trying to get all things organized and into place.  

Hubby and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary next Friday and he's taking me on a night cruise around the Bay for dinner and dancing!!!!  We have more than earned a night away together to celebrate :)  


StarfishMom said...

He sounds like a TON of FUN!! Sprout is 19 months and doing VERY similar saying HI to EVERYONE. ACtually, he says 'hewwow'. Hope you don't mind I added you to my blog list :) I probably should have asked before I put it on there but let me know if there's a problem.

Our Journey said...

That's totally fine :) Sprout and Baby would have some fun together!