Thursday, August 16, 2012


So after all that emotional build up, preparing to say goodbye, having a party, etc.....we waited 2 hours and then walked into the courtroom where the judge said that the Guardian's lawyer was on vacation and wanted to continue to hearing so that she could be present!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  While I appreciate the fact that she really want to be there for this hearing, couldn't this have been brought to everyone's attention before people took off of work, paid babysitters, adjusted schedules, and waited a ridiculous amount of time?????  Grrrrrrrr...............The judge then said that next week is trials all week, then our city is being closed down for a big convention, then the week after that they are playing catch up from having 2 weeks off, so as it sits we have a new hearing set for SEPT 10th!!!!!!!!

I am choosing to see the positive side though....that is 25 more days that I *know* Baby will be in our home.  25 more days to love on him and enjoy his presence here in our home.  God doesn't make mistakes...this is all part of His plan.  We may never know (this side of heaven) why this has been drug out for months, but I can rest in knowing that God already knows Baby's future and this delay was not a surprise to Him.  It is done already now we just have to wait to find out what that looks like.

Baby's 3 yr old brother's ( the one who was adopted by his foster parents) adoptive mom and I have been communicating more lately.  Last week we went out and had fun at a local Aquarium.  She is a  strong woman of God and I love how she just constantly is putting perspective where it belongs.  I asked her if "B" (her son) ever sees aunt/uncle and the other siblings. She said that they have been seeing each other every couple of weeks socially to get the kids together.  She told me that although God has already made his decision BUT it is her earthly desire to see Baby stay with us.  She has seen first hand how Baby's siblings are treated very differently (the GAL has also mentioned this) from Aunt's children from other relationships.  This breaks my heart!!!!!  It's not that they are not clean/fed/needs met, because those things are taken care of.  Rather it's the expensive toys/video game systems, school bio child attends, etc.  The other kids are clearly separated and set apart (not in a good way) from the bio child and that simply is not fair to them!!!!!

Please keep our kiddos (especially A) in your prayers.  All this emotional up and down 'not knowing what is going to happen' is starting to affect his behavior.   He is not a crying kid at all and lately he has been having melt downs and just been so emotional.  This is the child that does not do well with change, so all this just has him all turned around.  Please pray that God gives hubby and I wisdom on how to help him through this. The other kid's reactions were "oh, he's staying for another month? Ok!" and they ran off to play :)


Mama P said...

Sweet A...I'll be praying for him. I hate dealing with how this stuff affects our children.

YAY for another month with Baby (maybe more!!!!)

Vertical Mom said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That is ridiculous!! I AM glad that Baby gets to stay for a while but the lack of resolution either way and the completely lack of consideration of your life would drive me batty! I'm praying that those 25 days are a time of change so that Baby can stay.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying! That hard spot you are in pretty much stinks- being G rated of course.

I am praying for your other children too. I clearly remember that some of our kiddos had some real problems and others- really under reacted when some of the sibs were supposed to be going back. It is hard to understand for them.

Praying for God to give them extra "outlets" to express themselves. So hard to do sometimes!