Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Too funny!

I still get telemarketer calls every once in awhile and sometime back I had the brilliant idea of putting my children on the phone to "entertain" me :)  They chat the person's ear off about whatever is on their mind and end it with a lovely "God loves you!"  Today all the big kiddos were upstairs and couldn't come to the phone, so I decided to give Baby his first crack at it!  Here's how it went...

T:  Hello, may I speak to Mrs. D?
B:  He-whoa! (hello)
T: Yes, may I speak with Mrs. D please?
B: Ha!  Gaga!!! (what he calls my husband)
T: {long pause} Ok...well thank you and have a nice day!
B: Bye bye!

So stinkin' funny!  Us SAHM's get amusement from the craziest things-lol!


The Campbell's Journey said...

That's Awesome!!

t. marie said...

Ha ha! I do the same thing at my house :)

sheldonanddenise said...

Yeah! Now I know how to handle those calls!

Amanda said...

I do this too... I used to dread telemarketing calls, now I LOVE them. Lexy is usually sweet to them and tells them I won’t come to the phone. Rayne usually thinks it’s someone he knows and proceeds to tell them whatever he wants to tell the person he thinks it is. Glad I am not alone in the SAHM crazies!!