Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye party

Today several friends stopped over to wish Baby well and say good bye not knowing when the actual goodbye will be.  We are truly grateful for each and every one of you!  Thank you for your prayers, your time, and the gifts for Baby!  What got me choked up the most is the sweet notes that everyone wrote to him.  This boy will know that he was loved here :)

Some good friends from church have two very sweet daughters (12 yo twins) that have become very attached to Baby.  They serve as student helpers in Baby's church class and when they learned that he would be leaving one literally got choked up and started crying saying "I don't want him to go!"  Her time spent at the party was sitting right next to him feeding him continuous quiche and commenting on how cute he is :)

Between that and my really good foster mommy friend K. trying not to cry as she said her goodbyes it was all I could do to keep it to together.  Last night after everyone was asleep and I laid down for the night IT.HIT.ME.  The tears just started rolling thinking of all that is/could happen this week. IT'S. REAL!

Today we have our social worker visit and I suspect our "unannounced" visit from the new case manager.  My mind is totally taken over by the upcoming events and getting re-licensed to go through this torture again really isn't what I want to do today :(  Sigh...deep breathes!  Keep praying friends!

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MamaFoster said...

i haven't given up yet. you never know how court will go.

regardless, God IS in control.

I have seen miracles where I never thought I would. don't loose hope...God goes with him if he goes.