Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting ready

As Wednesday approaches we have no idea how long the judge will let us transition Baby and how long he will remain in our home after the verdict of changing placements takes place.  So....we decided to hurry up and have a Goodbye Party for him this weekend just in case the judge orders it immediately or next weekend (which is totally possible).  The party is going to be tomorrow and we are choosing to make it a celebration of his time spent here with us :)

My wonderful mother has sent my kiddos 2 different recordable books where she reads them stories.  Baby loves to listen to them and he says "Maw maw!" then he shuts the book, puts his hands in the air and asks "go?" He then repeats this over and over.  It's so cute.  As he was doing this today I had the bright idea....DUH!  Do that for Baby!  He will be able to listen to my voice as I read him a story even though I won't physically be there with him once he's gone.  I like this idea a lot.  Time to hit Hallmark! :)

We had to tell the kids about the possibility of him leaving a bit sooner than we wanted because of our desire to have a party for him, but they seem to doing well so far.  Of course I put it all on the judge and said it was up to her.  Andrew (8) said "No it's not Mom!  It's up to God!  He's more powerful than that judge"  Oh yes sweet boy you are right!  We then had a discussion about God's will and how even though we think something should happen one way God's ideas might not be the same.  A question pops up here and there, but so far so good.  I guess we'll see how things go after Wednesday.  I am so thankful we have an early morning hearing!!


MamaFoster said...

love the book idea :)

hang in there, i hope everything goes as well as possible

CherubMamma said...

I made those books for Dude and Dolly when I was forced to put them in respite care a year ago. They absolutely loved them!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I LOVE THAT BOOK IDEA TOO!!! That is awesome.

Praying for you all every step of the way!

Will see you tomorrow :)