Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Looking outside watching Mikey (3) and Baby play together on the slide, laughing and giggling away made me smile, but it also made me sad :(  Both of their little lives are about to change so much.  I hate that these feelings keep getting dragged on and on.

I signed a few of the boys up for a tumbling class today and I saw that there was one for babies 15 months-3 years.  I immediately thought that I would sign Baby up and then...reality...he may not be here for the course of the class.

Baby had his 18 month well-care visit today.  He's doing great but she wants him to see a pediatric dentist to file down his tooth (that got chipped.....remember?) and check out the nerve.  Every time he falls that sharp tooth cuts his lip.  It went all the way through his lip last night :(  She asked if I wanted to make his next appt and again...reality...I told her I'll call later based on the results of court.

Torture.....taking 4 kids to the Dr. and having to wait in the waiting room and then in the patient room.  They are such good boys, but SO ACTIVE and Michael is just the LOUDEST child EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I need to record my voice saying "Quiet voice!!"  Two Dr. appts 2 days in a row is enough for me :)

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