Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Oh my!!!! There is no hair left! My baby is totally bald!!!! It was hard to tell from the cellphone pic just how short it was. Whew...that's short! Please excuse the lovely drool look he's got goin' on...it's hard being a baby :)
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The Campbell's Journey said...

Oh my! He couldn't have left a little bit? I guess the bright side is that it will take a little while for it to be "wild" again! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

Oh my goodness! He took it ALL!!! Now I'm second-guessing my request to have Dad do one of Monkey's visits at the barber shop. Granted, Monkey looked like a Billy Ray Cyrus troll doll right now, but I don't want him BALD either. :( That look's gonna take some getting used to, huh? (Cutest smile ever, though! :-)

Mama P said...

It's the tradition to shave it all of...as shocking as it is. :)

Luckily, it'll grow back really cute, and probably a completely different texture! African American babies start out with one texture and it can completely change after that first cut.