Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My baby left at 10:15 this morning for a 4 hour UNsupervised visit with his bio-dad.  He JUST returned at 6:15!!!!!!!!!!!!  All that other time was spent in the CM's office or a car. :(  8 hours!!  I pulled out his bag and wasn't fed any of his snacks (I have no idea what Dad gave  him for lunch) and in his cup was POP again.  Lovely!

I asked the CM what he explained as his reason for being MIA and he said he was working at a new company about an hour away.  The CM said she had a long talk with him about where he stands in this case and he still seems to think he has a shot (oh Lord...get through to this guy!!!)  The CM wants to have a round table meeting with the aunt/uncle, Dad, herself and the super to talk about thing before we go to court.

June 6th is court and she leaves for vacation on the 5th.  She said her plane doesn't actually leave until the 7th so she may come to court on the 6th just because there is too much happening with this case.  Oh praise God!

Oh..and she made him do a random UA before she would hand the baby over to him.  She said that he "acted funny" about that as well.

Oh well...he is BACK and he is SAFE!  Thank you Jesus!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

OH MY MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn't even begin to describe. I am sooo very sorry. :(

Mama P said...

Of ALL DAYS for him to resurface and have a visit, that had to happen. Sheesh. Praise God for a safe return!