Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recipe for an interesting weekend

Take one baby (named Squirt) and place him in a foster home for 6 days.
Then, wake him up from a morning nap with 30 min. notice for a 6 hour visit.
Next, return child around 6pm after visiting both Grandma and Bio-Mom.
Follow up with child being picked up at 8am the next morning for another 8 hour visit (same people)
Return child at 6pm that evening and let the good times roll for the weekend!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


PRAYING for NEXT WEEK TOO!!!! Know that we are on our knees for you and your family!!!!!

Carrie said...

Those are really long visits for a little guy. And back to back? Yikes.

StarfishMom said...

Looks like they are either working an aggressive reunification plan OR transitioning him home. Did he come to you from bios or another foster home??!?

Our Journey said...

I think he won't be here too long...that's for sure! He'll be our first short-termer, but I also said that about Baby! He was already reunified with Mom back in Feb. after 7 months of being in care. She made a bad choice and chose to be in a situation she shouldn't have put herself into. Things erupted and now she has a couple of things to complete to get back on track. I think that she will do them quickly and get him and his brother's back. I WANT a happy reunification story...I DO!!!