Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The past several days

Usually when we get a new placement it's the child that gets sick....this time it was ME :(  Monday morning I was totally out and by Tuesday it was so bad I had to go to the Dr.  I hate going to the Dr. so my husband knew it was bad-lol!  I have a sinus infection along with strep throat.  I didn't know my throat could get that big! Painful!!

So...that meant that hubby had to hold down the fort with a new placement and our 4 other boys.  He has banned me from ever getting sick again and has demanded I start on a regular vitamin regiment again.  I had fallen off the wagon with vitamins and look what I get??  I am just praying that none of the kiddos get was horrible.  I never would have thought that strep throat could make you feel ttthhhhhhaaatttt bad!

I got a text that due to Baby's bio-dad's test results we are going back to supervised visits but as of today he has not called to ask for his visit for the week.  I imagine he will be outraged when he learns his visits are back to supervised!

I got a call from Squirt's CM's supervisor today as well.  Apparently the CM went on sick leave till next Monday and the supervisor had to call around to find out where the kid even was!  She told me virtually nothing more, but mom was asking for our info so she could call.  The CM also asked.  We don't feel comfortable just giving that info out without having established some sort of relationship first (like meeting them).  Mom gets 8  hours of unsupervised visits each week and the supervisor wanted to separate them into Thursday and Friday.  I told her that next week I would be willing to pick up one day for driving, but this week she was going to have to work something else out.  I do not feel like driving all around town....I just need to rest!  She's going to call me back because apparently Mom is in school (good news!) and doesn't get out until 2 and he has to be back by 5 (when their business day is over). Not gonna add up.

So...that is what this week has been like and it's only Wednesday!  Court for Baby is one week away......

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