Friday, May 25, 2012

Connected by 25

I am soooooo excited to get to share what has been hubby's heart.  For a long time now he has had a desire to mentor youth in the electrical field.  To give to them what never happened for him.  He has approached several of his bosses at the Aquarium where he works to see if this could be possible. To create a program where they come in and volunteer with Matt and he teaches them the field experience plus theory!  Much to his surprise they are all enthusiastic about it!!

We spoke with our social worker to see how to linked up with a program within the foster care system.  She directed him to a program called "Connected by 25"  Matt sent an email off and received a reply quickly.  They are very interested in partnering up with Matt and the Aquarium and have a meeting set up next week!  She even wants Matt to get up in front of the students and talk about what he does.  If you know my hubby...uuummmm....let's just say that is NOT his cup of tea, but I actually think he will do this.  If it goes well with Matt then they will probably extend the program within the Aquarium.

Yay for my hubby!  God has stretched him and grown him in so many ways and I am excited to sit back and get to watch it all :)


The Campbell's Journey said...

That is so awesome!! I can't wait to hear about it and it is nice to hear that the Aquarium is on board for this wonderful opportunity.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Missy, that's awesome! Go Matt!