Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As you all know, the plan has been for quite some time (the agency's plan that is) to have the judge grant PG to the aunt/uncle and for baby to leave our home.  The GAL's plan (which like much better!) is to fight for TPR.  Well, apparently the agency got notification that they are attempting to get TPR and so now the legal dept. wants them to try that avenue FIRST!  The CM is totally confident that it will not happen.  Haha...she doesn't know that my GOD is bigger than her little plans and if HE wants it to happen then it will!!! :-)

She came for her monthly visit yesterday.  We were scheduled for 3pm.  She arrived at 5:25.  Yep...dinnertime.  Love it! (ick!)  She KNOWS that we want to adopt baby, but she acted like we've never had that conversation before.  "So if TPR did happen to be granted then would you be interested in adopting?" Uuummm....let me think about that...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am praying that since we have had him for so long that we would be considered first for adoption, but in all reality with a judge that is very "pro-bio-family" it is quite possible she could order that he go to the aunt/uncle.  GOD's WILL BE DONE!

Still no word from bio-dad.  I guess the CM tried to call the number he called from a couple weeks back and the person who answered said that they didn't know him and he certainly wasn't the person who owned that phone.  I know the last # that I have for him has been disconnected.  So....we wait another 34 days till court.  Can you tell I'm a bit intense about this court date?

Last night I had a dream where I was being weighed in for something and my BMI was being measured as well.  I stepped on the scale (looking as I do IRL right now) and looked over at my BMI to see the #64.  I was flabbergasted!  My weight read 113 (NOT what I really am, but I am also no where near a BMI of 64!)  I think I'm feeling a bit "weighted" and imbalanced with this case right now!  Time to trim some fat! :)

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Diane said...

With bio dad AWOL, I can't believe the court wouldn't order TPR. In my state, they won't even consider guardianship for a child under three unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances. TPR could still allow for adoption by aunt and uncle, unless they can't qualify to adopt. It is slightly easier to be certified for guardianship than for relative adoption. If that is the case, those reasons should make it clear that adoption by foster family is in the best interest, especially if you offer remaining in contact with bio siblings.