Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Here are my sweet blessings!  I can hardly believe how big they all are getting!  Michael's dedication was beautiful!  We were prayed over by the pastor and his wife privately and had our picture taken as a family.  Walking off stage the pastor said to me "you are special!"  I truly believe that I am special--special because God entrusted these amazing little boys into my Mommy hands!  The Pastor's wife said "I think God makes Mommy's of all boys in a special way!"  I truly am blessed!!  Today we also celebrate our sweet Andrew's Adoption Day!! We love you sweetheart!!!! We have a genuine day of celebration!!

Today my husband has treated me like a queen not making me lift a finger, I got flowers and cards and hubby's going to fire up the grill and cook steaks, potatoes, and corn for a yummy dinner tonight.  We are continuing the celebration tomorrow by using another day of our Disney passes and taking the kiddos for a fun day!  They don't know it yet :) 

Have a blessed day all you Mother's and if this day is not one of celebration for you, know that you are loved and covered in prayer today!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Have fun!!!! So glad it was a wonderful day for a wonderful mommy!!!! :)

Maura said...

what a beautiful family :)