Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Drawing a line...

even if it means me taking time out of my day/schedule to get baby!  I got a text from his CM a bit ago saying she has a long day tomorrow with a lot of running around, so she wants to pick him up at 8am and will try to have him back by 4:15!  That's another 8+ hour day for my baby when his visit is 4 hours long.  That's soooo not fair to him to have to sit in a car or be in an office and not at home, getting a nap and being on his schedule. Just nuts!

I texted her back and told her that she needs to tell me where to meet Baby's Dad to pick him up because that is just too long for him!  Nuts!  I would rather take the 1/2 hour each way to transport him knowing that 3+ hours will not be wasted with him in a car seat or office needlessly.

Tonight we are also getting a respite placement for the little 2 yr old girl I think I mentioned before :)  I am soooo disappointed that once again the child's needs are not being placed first.  The CM was not willing to change her parental visit today, so instead of having some "warm up" time with her foster mom here, a transporter will be dropping her off at my doorstep as if she were coming into care again for the first time.  She is a little one who has suffered a lot of trauma and this is not going to help any.  Praying we get through the next 5 days!!!

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