Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I just got off the phone with Baby's biological brother's adoptive mom :)  He is the one child no family member fought for.  What a lucky kid! lol!  Anyway, I have been wanting to get together with his mom to chat and of course to get the boys together.  She'll be coming over to our house on Friday and then we will head to the park here at our HOA.  I am really excited to pick her brain about the aunt/uncle and see what their relationship is like after "B's" adoption.  "B" was there last Sat. but I am wondering how often they see him.  Of course we are willing to keep the sibling relationship going IF we are to adopt Baby, but at the same time thinking of having the aunt/uncle in our lives over the next (at least) 17 years isn't my happiest thought-lol!  "B" lives about 15 min. from here and his adoptive mom seems like a really neat lady. I think we will end up having a lot in common but I think I can also learn a lot from her as well.  She's from Barbados originally and I love her accent :)

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