Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's been going on...

We survived 5 kids! :)  Sweet girl left us on Monday morning.  It definitely gave me a hands-on knowledge of everything I have read about traumatized children.  Up until last week the oldest child that we have taken as a placement or respite has been no older than 8 months!  Here we saw a child that lived with abuse/neglect for over 2 years...we saw a child deathly afraid to be alone...EVER!  She was most happy around as many people as possible....we saw a child who NEEDED me to lay next to her to fall asleep; she wasn't being difficult and it wasn't because she was 2.  She was REALLY afraid to be alone.  She followed my husband and I everywhere!  Hubby is used to me doing most of the work with the new ones because they are babies and well, they intimidate him-lol!  Sweet girl preferred hubby and I actually think he ate it up :)

 The biggest problem that we faced was the car!  I have a minivan, but it is the smallest interior of any minivan that exists (if I had to guess!)  I STUFFED 2 boosters and a car seat in our 3 rd seat while the Moosie and Baby were in their usual middle seats.  I had to climb over the seat and get S.G buckled in and it was just soooo tight!  So, I am praying for God to provide a bigger vehicle, because if we do get to adopt Baby and want to keep fostering, something has to change by way of vehicles!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone GIFTED one to us?!  Yeah...I know that's not likely, but you never know!! :-)

Nothing has really changed as far as Baby's case.  Court is exactly 2 weeks from today!  I've done a pretty good job of keeping busy and occupied to keep my mind off of things, but as we get closer I feel that stress rising up within me.  Could it really happen?  Will my Baby be taken from me after almost 16 months? There has been a lot of prayer time and I know that with God's grace we will heal should Baby leave our home, but it's going to the hardest thing we have ever done in our lives!!

Yesterday we hit Animal Kingdom and had a good time as a family :)  Moosie and Baby loved the flying dinosaur ride.  The look on Baby's face was priceless!  Baby also really enjoyed the Serengeti safari tour.  The truck was all bumpy and he was flying around and laughing!  At the end it put him to sleep-lol!  Go figure!  It's nice that we have had these fun times and just a time away to laugh and play.  Should our family make-up look different in several weeks, it's so wonderful that we'll have these pictures and memories with him! (insert tears rolling down my face!)  


Kim said...

We've been gifted THREE progressively wonderful vans (the last one is a Toyota Sienna!!!) from various sources throughout our marriage so don't discount that option. God is an extravagant God with perfect timing ;-)

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