Monday, June 25, 2012

Life Book

I love putting together life books!  Ok...this is the first one that I was very sad about because it's the first one that I won't get to personally share with my child each year.  We have a tradition here in our house that every Gotcha Day (and any other day they desire to) we sit and look at their life book and take the time to remember the person who gave them life or the person/people who took care of them before they joined our family.  I love this tradition and personal time with each child.

Baby's life book came in the mail today.  It was bittersweet.  It made me want to cry thinking I don't get to share this with him as he grows but at the same time it made me feel special that we got to experience all those wonderful months with our sweet boy.  He will never have to wonder what he looked like as a baby.  He will never have questions like "when did I learn to sit?  was I happy baby?  how old was I when I learned to walk?" It's all documented for him.

I pray that when we do actually have to say our goodbyes that it won't be forever and who knows, maybe I will get to share it with him someday???  Only God knows the plans for our sweet little guy!  I can rest knowing that we have done what God called us to do in this situation.  We gave him our absolute all and loved him beyond what words can express!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh very hard.

YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR BEST!!!! And that is what I love about you all!!!!!! PRAYING!!!!

Bummed your case manager left too! That happened to us with Joshua and Sarah when they came to us. We had the best worker!!! Then within a month she left for a much better job- can not blame her. BUT INSTEAD WE HAD THE WORST WORKER EVER!!!!!

PRAYING THAT OF COURSE DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!! Praying you get another awesome worker!!! There has to be more than one!!!

learning to foster said...

Thank you so much for you blog! We have had our first foster placement, a 3 yr. old boy, just over a year and it looks as if he may go home and we are grieving. I love your Godly perspective and I have been encouraged by reading your blog.