Friday, June 8, 2012

Our morning

This morning I met Squirt's Bio-grandma for our first hand off.  She seemed nice and wanted to chat for awhile.  She asked me for more visits and she is already getting more than her 8 hours so I directed her to the CM.  She was very interested that I home schooled and she said she wanted to home school her grandsons, but Bio-Mom wanted them to go to school.  She met my kids and was curious about which children were ours and how many foster children we had.  She also commented on how much Squirt eats.  We now have 2 little ones that literally eat more than I do and then throw a FIT when it's all gone!!  I simply don't know where Squirt puts it...he's so tiny!

Then we came home and I got a text from Mr. Wonderful Uncle that asked to have Baby today because he was planning an event for the kids.  His overnight visit is scheduled from Sat. at 9am until Sunday at 3:30.  I wrote him back and said I could accommodate a visit today and that I would then pick him up tomorrow afternoon at 4:00.  I have not received a text back-LOL!!  I'm sorry, but as far as I know they do not  have a current homestudy which is technically required for an overnight visit.  Having one last December from another agency is apparently "good enough." for the CM.  UGH!  He can take my offer or leave....I don't really care which days it is.

Ya know how you can feel when someone is genuine?  Yeah...this guy is totally FAKE and it's all a show!  That's part of what makes me so frustrated!  The CM and agency see what they want to see :(

The TPR consult is being held sometime today!!!!  I have no idea when and the CM is on vacation so I don't know when I will find out.  I will be calling/texting and emailing Monday morning...that's for sure!!!!! :-)

Ready for this rain to be over with...I want some sunshine back!!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

At least she is nice....oye already asking for more too?? Yeah, sorry I can't do that you have to talk to the CM :) shucks.

PRAYING for YOU ALL!!!!! I have feelings about the uncle and aunt, but I am pretty sure I shouldn't publish them here ;). Mainly because I think it is wrong of ANYONE to say.....I don't care, but later when it is convenient to me....I will change my mind. UGH!!!!!!!!