Monday, June 11, 2012

New One!

Squirt came home from his day long visit today with his family members and the CM tells me that Mom would like for me to send his dirty laundry with him on his visits and she will wash/dry them and send a variety of outfits for him each time.  I started laughing and looked at her like "is she serious?"  The CM "T" from here on out said that she told them we have the capabilities to do laundry here but she insists on it and wants to provide all his outfits.  A bit of pain in the tooshie to make sure I have things separated and with him on every visit, but whatever!

I think I've mentioned before that we have a house rule that we need to get to know bio-parents before we hand out our phone number.  T said "I think it's best that you communicate with this family through {our county agency} because they are a bit crazy!"  She said that of course they usually encourage foster parent/bio parent contact, but in this case it is in our best interest to keep it through her.  No problem! :)

T has restored my faith in the fact that good and efficient CM's exist!!!  It's amazing the difference between her and our current CM for Baby!  Night and Day!  I guess my (empty) threats of being fed up and quitting because of Baby's CM were heard by our Merciful God! lol!


The Campbell's Journey said...

Yay, I am glad she has restored your faith in the case management area. They are so different from case to case. You just never know what you are going to get!

So did Squirt come with clothes? That is a little weird that the mom is wanting to wash the clothes. They have to have control over something :) I wish somebody would take control of my laundry!!

Our Journey said...

Yes...she sent several outfits and only wants him to wear the clothes that she has sent. In this case I don't mind the clothes she sends, so whatever. In our past cases I didn't want to go out in public in some of the outfits they sent...a bit off the wall! I guess this situation is just so very different from the other two!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW! The family actually wants to help provide something!!!!!! That is a NEW ONE to me!!!!! A pain maybe, but awesome she wants to!!!

LOVE that God has given you a great worker!!! Out of the 14+ workers we had I would say that 4 of them were EXCELLENT! 4 were HORRIBLE and the rest average.

PRAISE GOD for the GREAT ONES!!!!!! They can make a HUGE difference!!!

MamaFoster said...

Ok, I'm going to be the nerd that says I think this is really annoying and yes, I would let her do this with the clothes she provided but I would not send anything I bought him and would worry about only having him wear their clothes any day except visit day. I actually prefer they wear the clothes their parents buy them to visits so the parent doesn't let the child spill red juice all over the cute clothes I buy the kids. :)

Mrs. Bird said...

Interesting our case, the parents would send TONS of clothes, all torn, stained, and the wrong sizes. After them changing them out of clothes I bought, and not returning them a few times, I only sent them to visits in the clothes they provided. Then, they complained in a CRB hearing that the kids had poor hygeiene in my care and that they always had stained, torn clothes....UGH!