Friday, June 15, 2012

Weird but working!

So this whole situation with our new little Squirt is so weird to me because it's like no other case we've had, but I am totally cool with it!  Squirt is the most easy going kid EVER!

 There are never any tears on the drop off/pick ups and he greets me with an excited smile and comes right to me when I get him.

Several times his mother (whom I have not met yet) has sent me notes thanking me for helping them "in our time of need."

The laundry thing threw me for a loop, but who cares?!  On Fridays I send her all his dirty laundry and she sends a weeks worth of clean clothes including shoes (so far I think he has more pairs than I do!) It's like a laundry service-lol!

Yesterday morning I noticed what looks like an allergic reaction or some sort of weird series of bites on his right leg, a tad on his left leg and one spot on his arm.  I told Grandma at drop off this morning and she said " got germs?!"  Ummm ok?  I just wanted to make sure they didn't think I did something weird.  At pick up tonight she said that they had ring worm cream left over from his brothers and that's what she thinks it is.  She put the medicine in the bag.  I do not suspect ring worm, but she said that she was going to take him to his regular Dr. on Monday.  Again...uuumm...ok!  Honestly they have him more business days than I do, so it makes sense for them to take him-lol!  It's weird but ok :)

Everything about this case just seems weird, but it all seems to work out-lol!  It's about time we have an easy one :)

In other news.....Baby's staffing is on Tuesday.  We should find out the results of the TPR consult.  It has been disclosed to me that Uncle has been busy defaming our GAL and me a bit too.  Nice!  I'm ready to defend myself need be.  I will not have lies told about me to make him look like a saint.  He is not...*for the record I'm not either*!  The truth will be told in a very respectful way.  The Lord knows this man's true character and motive.  If it's the Lord's will for Baby to go live with him then He must have a reason that is far beyond my understanding!  I just have to trust Him.

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Aspiring Foster Mama said...

Wow! That is different, but so nice of them. Sounds like it will be easy to establish a relationship with them based on mutual respect! So interesting.