Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toddler language

Squirt walks up to Baby and pulls the pacifier out of Baby's mouth and attempts to kiss him.

Baby (totally ticked off) screams at the top of his lungs and pushes Squirt away.

Squirt (clearly upset his affections were squashed) slaps Baby in the face (not too hard :) ) and walks away.

Today at church Baby would say hi to someone and then tap Squirt on the head and say his name (I'm the only one who understands it of course!)  as if to introduce him.

Baby will find Squirts sippy cup laying around and (shockingly!) he finds Squirt and gives it to him!

Neither of them likes to's like a curse word between those too!

No one has been bitten in over a week...hallelujah!  The less there is to document and account for the better ;)

 I don't know how many of these interactions those two have in a day, but they are numerous!  It's definitely a love-hate relationship for sure!  These two keep me hopping but can be so stinkin' cute together too!!! :) Very different personalities!

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