Friday, July 27, 2012

Change is good!

I was supposed to have a CM monthly visit this morning at 9.  A different CM called and said she was going to do the visit but she had a flat tire so she came this afternoon instead.  I casually asked why the other CM was not here and she said that they now are going to do "dual case management."  So our regular CM will be doing all the paperwork/office stuff (Lord help us!!!!) and she would be doing the field stuff.  

I could not be more excited to get fresh blood into this case!!  She has been with this agency for 10 years (in various forms) but after an accident and needing to take a year off of work case management was all that was available.  Lucky her!  I am so excited to get someone who RESPONDS to communication (she loves email--yes Lord!) and is ON TIME :)  If you know me you know how happy this makes me!  I'm kind of an "on-time" snob.  An aside:  The other day at the allergist my 8 yo was told to be on time for his allergy testing.  He responded "we are a very punctual family...well, except my Dad.  He makes us late!"  LOL!!!!!!!!  He's not lying....I digress!

SO...the waiting continues, but this is a change of events I did not expect.  Hoping there are more *good* changes to come!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hmmmm.....sounds sooooo familiar- the on time thing...and the late dad thing ;) he he he he

PRAISE GOD for some change!!! :)