Thursday, June 9, 2011

And the crazy week continues!

Thursday mornings Baby gets picked up for his visits at about 10:30. I was pulling in from taking Mr. I to speech this morning at 9:30 and there the FRS was waiting for me. She was there since 9:00 or so waiting to take him. No phone call to let me know she would be there early. She's lucky I didn't have errands to run today or no visit would have happened! She is a foster parent as well and KNOWS how important a simple phone call is and while she apologized, she knows better.

I then asked if there is also a sibling visit today and she said no, the aunt/uncle are getting him all day Saturday and then Dad on Sunday. I was totally surprised and she asked if the CM told me that. Ummmm...NO! It turns out she has the weekend's over Father's Day weekend, but the fact is that every other person on this case knows what's going on and I DON'T! It's more than frustrating when I am the one who is supposed to be advocating for this child. The FRS said she would let me know about these things from now on and I had my FDS email/speak with the CM letting her know she's voilating our rights as foster parents. It takes a good week for her to return an email/phone call to me, so I thought I'd step it up a notch. I may not be popular with her anymore, but I don't care. Baby is my first priority in this case :-)

There is now a dispute as to when the JR for Little Man is. One person tells me Wed. the other tells me Thur. I now have to get my FDS in on this too to check the court docket for me so I know when to try to get a sitter for and when to show up!

This week has been so challenging for me and head is spinning!!!! Deep breathes over and over :) The joy of the Lord is my strength!!!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

oh NO!!!!!! PRAYING for you- that is sooo wrong and soo hard when you are the last to know...and you didn't even know...ok that doesn't make sense :) Oh dear.

Anyway- PRAYING!!!!!!!!!