Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Court Drama!

When I arrived this morning for court I sat and waited with the new CM and the GAL. As we were chatting I asked the CM if he had asked A. to appear by phone in the courtroom. He said "No, do you think I should?" the GAL and I screamed "YES! Call her!" We are so glad that we did because it was very important for the judge to *experience* this woman vs. read about her on paper.

After lots of drama, yelling at the judge, cutting the judge off and finally tears the hearing ended with A. continuing to talk and the judge saying "goodbye!" and hanging up the phone! Blaming other people for your problems gets really old...take some responsibility for the choices you have made lady!

From here.....July 19th we go for the TPR advisory...Again! A. was told in court today that she must appear IN PERSON in order to be heard that day. She will not be allowed to appear by phone. She said that she is not able to appear in person but did give her address in open court so they are scurrying to get her served in time for the next hearing. If she appears in person it will probably go to trial, if she does not appear they could terminate her rights that day, or if this judge is really looney she could grant an ICPC and have LM transferred to NY foster care so she can work her case plan and see LM. We are praying for termination, but are expecting another hearing following this one..perhaps trial.

No matter what God is in control...I can have peace knowing that God has a plan for our Little Man and we trust/believe that it will be in our family :)

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