Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a day!!!!

The family was all getting ready to go to the YMCA this afternoon when all of the sudden our phone rings. THANK GOD FOR CALLER ID!!!! It said Little Man's last name which is his bio-mom's maiden name. I did not pick it up and let the answering machine answer it. She wanted me to call her and talk and she said she got my phone number from the new case manager. WHAT??????????????????????????????

I immediately called the CM and it went to voicemail. I left a very clear message about how incredibly unacceptable that was that he gave our personal information (it's a landline which can be used to get our address) and I then had my hubby call his supervisor! Of course all damage had been done and that was that. Both were very apologetic but A. now has our phone number. I know a lot of foster parents who willing give this info out, but for many reasons we never gave her ours. The biggest reason (besides safety) was that she calls 3-5 times per day about the same things. I don't have time for that!

Both the CM and the GAL told her to not call our number again. What happened? She called AGAIN!! She already has the number and changing it only creates a huge hassle for us, so we have blocked her number and hopefully she doesn't start using every phone in NY to try to contact us!

I didn't realize the feelings this was going to bring up. I was so angry with her that she just wants to jump in and out of her son's life whenever she pleases...I was angry that she chose a coke-head over her son...I was angry that she abandoned him not only once, but twice! He doesn't deserve this mess and she is only thinking of herself. Then God reminded me of a verse for James 1:20 "The anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God" Ahhh....yes!
We will play the game and rest in God's already finished work for our Little Man!

If that wasn't enough, I was speaking with our social worker tonight and she mentioned that she went to a staffing for our Baby man yesterday. She asked why I wasn't there. Ummm....because I wasn't invited!! That's the second one...two weeks in a row where every single solitary person (including the other foster mom and our social worker) were invited, but not us. I'm not so happy about that either, especially when I explicitly told the CM that I try to attend all court/staffings. I'm not sure why I'm not being involved, but I have a few ideas. It will be addressed tomorrow.

The best part about today was that my coffee maker died and my hubby surprised me with a brand new coffee maker that doesn't have a carafe and you can just get a cup at a time and it even makes iced coffee!!! :) At least something happy happened today! Praying a peace over our home and a better day tomorrow!!!


Sandy said...

What a frustrating day!! (((HUGS))). We are in the market for a new coffee maker...what brand did he get you?

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Definitely praying for a better tomorrow!!!! That is horrible!!!!! So hard to have control if they have your phone number. It is one thing to have contact on your terms, but a whole other story when it isn't your terms. I totally get it- our kids were strung along for 3 years in the system- and mom chose an abuser over her children! :( NOT GOOD and it hurts that some day i will have to explain that to them......I don't even want to thin about it. AND to this day she still denies that she chose him over her kids?? oh dear.