Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally the air is clear!

**There is no weekend visit set up for Baby next weekend

**One CM thought the FDS was going to something and visa versa...that's why I wasn't invited to the most recent staffings.

**I have a court date straight from the mouth of the AG!

**No phone calls from bio-mom today...all has been quiet.

It's so hard to keep everyone on the same page when there are so many people involved, but it appears that with both of our cases we are all on the same least for today :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!! I agree too many people- it is hard to keep track.

Read that today too ;) Great scripture as I am dealing with some behaviors that are soo hard. And of course then it was followed by questions about birth families.

Mary H. said...

Thankful that things have settled down for a moment for you!

Our Journey said...

Praying for you too Dawn as you deal with kiddos. That's fitting here too!