Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This past weekend

Sorry I didn't update about this weekend! I dropped our sweetie off to meet up with his aunt at a local drugstore parking lot. I was so relived when I met her and she was super nice and sweet. She thanked us for what we do for sweet baby and commented about how she never thought this type of thing would happen to her/her family. Her husband and her would love to take all of her sister's children, but they already have two of their own and the oldest two and that's enough for their family. I can totally understand that.

I didn't get a phone call all weekend so I assummed all went well. I picked him Sunday afternoon and the uncle just said that all went well and that they were able to sleep (I have a feeling he slept :) ) Anyway, that's about all he said. I am hoping to get a few more specifics from the CM later this week.

I survived! I thought it was going to be super hard, and of course I missed him , but I was ok because it was a super busy weekend! It's definitely much easier going to the beach without baby! I don't know how often these visits are going to occur, but like I have said before, it's good preparation for him to get to know all these people and for us to get used to his absence :(

I am off to the lovely WIC office with both LM and LG for their re-certs. Fun stuff!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy 2nd Birthday little man :) !!!!

It was great to meet you at the park :)

Glad the visit went well....even though it is hard....easier when they are great people :)

Mary H. said...

Stay strong, Missy. You are such a good influence in his life!