Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Man "funny"

This morning I already had the older boys downstairs eating breakfast before Little Man woke up. When he finally woke up I got him all changed and brought him downstairs. I put him in his chair and proceeded to give him is breakfast. I walked to the kitchen for a minute and I heard the following interaction...

Mr. I: What's up "M"?
LM: Nothing! Just eat your dinner!

ROTFL!!! I was cracking up! He isn't even 2 yet and this kid has a sassy mouth! Of course he got the meal messed up, but he knew it was one of those. Mr. I was stunned! He got this confused look and just started eating again. Little Man can be kind of cranky in the morning, but he's never quite verbalized it like that before-lol! He's spitting out lots of 4, 5, and even 6 word phrases! Mr. I's speech teacher is amazed...she said most kids his age are putting 2-3 words together. My kids have some speech issues, but their language skills always come out high! Looks like L.M. will be no different :)

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