Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busy day today!!!

The morning started out with Baby's 4 month well-child visit. I can't believe he has been here that long! Anyway, everything went as I had hoped :) I talked to her about the meds and she agreed to let me try another drug before going to the GI...yay!! So she prescribed prevacid for him. At this visit he weighed 16lbs 7oz and was 25 in long!!! He's very proportional, but a very big guy! He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes!

Then it was on to the pharmacy to get this lovely prescription filled. Nope....they can't do that doasge (she prescribed granules rather than liquid) and told me I had to go to the compounding pharmacy.

Back home I had to get some school done with my big kiddos (almost done!!) and hubby had to take off for a side job (he's an electrician). I saw out of the corner of my eye Little Man looking very concentrated. I asked if he had to use the potty and he said "yes!" Now I didn't expect him to go and this is really just getting him used to it. We have not started any formal potty training yet. Lo and behold and sat on the potty and did #2!!!!! I was so surprised that I screamed and scared the poor thing!! He cried until he got a yummy chocolate chip of course :) Then all was fine!

Hubby got home and I decided to head for the compounding pharmacy. I LOVED that place!! I will definitely use them again :) They couldn't get medicaid to approve that med, but she said that they flip flop between that and prilosec so she said they had some of that made up and could give that to me. Great!! Baby was a hit and just charmed the pants of that lady :) I gave him one dose already and he didn't spit up at all after his last bottle!!

Then back home and made dinner. As Mr. A was eating his dinner he said "ahhhh!!!!" and we knew exactly what happened...he lost his top tooth :) He lost the other top front tooth less than a week ago so now he is toothless and cute as can be !! That just seems like a big milestone :-)

After we ate I decided to try cereal with baby for the first time. He HATED it!!!! I guess that one's going to take some time! lol! We still have the constipation problem so we need to add a little prune juice too....such fun!!!

So that was our busy but good day!