Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another one...really?

So the pulmonologist's office called me back and said that the Dr. thinks that it could be a lot of things causing the Baby's throwing up/diarrhea. Really?? There was reflux...he went on Zantac and now all of the sudden he is throwing up a lot and the poor kid has a raw butt. Where's the mystery?? The Dr. thinks that he has a formula issue and wants him to be seen by a G.I. I really don't understand why we can't just try Prevacid before we go to another specialist. Baby has his 4 month check up on Tuesday of next week and I am going to talk to his pediatrician about it before I go and make another appt.

The nurse seems totally shocked when I told her he was throwing up way more on the Zantac and I also told her that I haven't given him a dose in over 24 hours and he hasn't thrown up once! Hmmm.....again....why can't we just try another medicine??? Hopefully the pediatrician will just prescribe the prevacid and we can go on our merry way :) The nurse also suggested that we will probably will need an upper GI on him because it could be anatomical. Why do they want to try the most invasive first????


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