Friday, August 19, 2011

Adoption worker!

This week was so busy and this is the first day ALL week that NO ONE that doesn't live here entered our home :) So yesterday we got to meet our adoption worker :) She gave us a HUGE stack of paperwork and tasks to get started on while we wait for TPR **hopefully Monday**!!!!!!!!!! She said that as long as we get our ducks in a row in a timely fashion that after TPR they hope to finalize within 90 days which means that he could be legally and officially ours before Christmas!!! My wish/desire is that it gets done before the 2 yr anniversary of him arriving here. For that to be the case TPR would have to happen on Monday...yeah..I like that idea!!!

Baby's case also had some new looks as though Baby could start transitioning back into Dad's care with 4 hour visits, then 1 overnight and then weekends, and complete reunification rather soon! Of course as I see my friend going through a possible loss of her foster child of 8months my heart is feeling heavy but happy at the same time. God knows best and if Baby needs to be with his bio-Dad and it's going to be a good situation then I have to trust in that! The hard part for me is going to be watching my other kids grieve his loss. My oldest (7) is super attached to him and when we discuss Baby's leaving he puts on a brave face and says sweet things like "Well Mom, at least this way you can get some sleep! God has another baby He wants us to love though!" Of course when it actually happens I know that we will have some hostile behavior stuff to deal with...not sure if crying girls (my friend's situation) or angry boys are easier to deal with! lol! I guess we will have to take it one step at a time!

On another note...I HATE fire extinguisher re-tagging!!! it costs so much more to re-tag them than to buy new ones. looks like we will probably have 6..yes 6 fire extinguishers! There has to be somewhere to donate the "old" (never used!) ones. I'll have to look into that. Other than that we are all set with our re-licensure!! Whew...for another year at least :)

I have another post brewing about nutrition and dealing with differences of opinion (with workers!) topic here-LOL!

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