Monday, August 22, 2011


I got an email from Little Man's mom today. Actually a lot of it was directed toward him. It was sad to read because I don't think she even really understands/knows what happened in court today. I sent her a reply with answers to her questions and a couple of pictures. It will be interesting to see how this email thing works out. The last several emails (to the GAL) and this one pretty much all say the same thing. I feel bad things didn't work out differently for her, but the choices she made directed the path of this case...and honestly I think he's better off living in a mentally stable home where all his needs are being met without violence, neglect, and poverty. The future with her in our lives should be interesting to say the least! lol! I am thankful she is now out of state. She is a difficult person to deal with and an in-town relationship just would be too much for me!

On a related I have been discussing Little Grape's future with the big kids they have expressed a desire to stay in contact with him. I think his Dad is a nice guy and if we can be a support for him I would throughly enjoy getting to remain in baby's life :)

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