Saturday, August 27, 2011

Misunderstandings stink :(

So we had a visit from LM's GAL today and I found out that when I heard what I thought I heard it didn't mean what I thought it meant :( This is my first time in this 3-ring circus! That explains why I couldn't feel the full joy that I thought I should be feeling. Something in my spirit just wouldn't let me rejoice. Now I know why. The hearing will be Oct. 24th and that will be the official termination for both parents (I might get called on the stand at that point). Wah!!! I am jealous of my friend who at this rate will have complete termination before us and her little girl has been with them 9 months (we're nearly 21 months!) I know..I know...each case is so unique.

So this week will mark 21 months for Little Man and 7 months for Baby!!!!

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