Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poor baby :(

Yesterday I took Baby back to the pulmonologist for what was supposed to be his follow-up appt. Poor kid was so sick that the Dr. didn't even need the stethescope. He was wheezing so bad :( So now in addition to the inhaled steroid 2 x's a day he is also on an oral steroid for the next 7 days and albuterol every 4 hours until his wheezing is under control.

Can I just tell you have incredibly exhausted I am??? I haven't slept (nor has he) for the past 6 nights. I have to fight to keep his little body still at every nebulizer treatment. The kid is drenched in sweat (as am I!) by the time we are done and has even wore himself out and fallen asleep a couple of times! We are doing about 6-7 treatments a day between the two meds. I am praying they take effect quickly!!!!! You know it's bad when your kids tell you that you are crabby and need a nap! Oh how I wish!!! :)

I was surprised to see that his Dad did not come to the visit yesterday :( It would have been a very good one for him to be at because he has no idea what Baby is like when he is sick, how he sounds, or even how to give a nebulizer treatment. I am concerned about his basic day-to-day ability to parent a child and even moreso if the Baby is sick! Will he follow through when Baby pitches his fits through the treatments (at 6 mos this baby has a temper!!)? My guess is no. All things that are not really mine to worry about but have been brought to the attention of his workers. Baby's JR is Monday...Dad should be there, but I doubt Mom will be. Guess we'll see!


k said...

Our adopted son was born at 30 weeks and had horrible breathing/lung issues. He had the same regimen as baby back in Feb so I feel for you. I've noticed a huge difference in his breathing once I took him off dairy. Can you change his formula to soy? The dairy causes mucus which doesn't help our kids with the lung issues. He hasn't had a breathing treatment in months since he's been off. Good luck!

Our Journey said...

Thanks for your comment "K." Little Grape is already on soy formula so dairy isn't the problem. It's more related to genetics I think. Both his biological 1/2 sister and bio 1/2 brother have breathing issues. Since his last appt months ago he has been doing great, but he just happened to catch a nasty bug and his little body just can't keep it out of his lungs. The steroids are horrible and make him crazy and wild! His sleep at night has slowly been improving so I am grateful for that :) Glad to hear your son is doing better!!