Saturday, August 20, 2011


I understand that I may be a bit alone in this and I realize this is not a new problem but it has been bothering me ever since a few weeks ago. Let me start with what eating looks like in our house...we are a pretty healthy household. We don't eat processed foods, we make things from scratch, we eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables, we try to eat organic as much as we can afford it, my kids snack on things like coconut yogurt, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and air-popped popcorn. Two of my kids are GFCF so that helps us to make healthy choices as well.

So at 4 months we started to feed baby rice cereal and have gradually incorporated fruits, veggies, baby meals and puffies/soft cheerios. We add new things in gradually and see how he adjusts to them. Several weeks back I was sitting next to Dad (forgive me if I posted this part already..I can't remember!) and he was talking about how (at 5 months old) he gave baby a chocolate chip cookie!!! Umm...even if we did feed him more foods, it certainly wouldn't be a cookie! Anyway, here is my mistake/frustration...I told the FRS and pretty much was blown off!!! Her response was filled with comments like "well I gave my daughter rice cereal at 7 days old and she's still alive!" She rambled about some other stuff too, but she was talking so fast I couldn't understand her! I would have liked to express to her that perhaps her feeding her daughter all these foods to early is what resulted in your daughter's NUMEROUS allergies!!!

So I dropped it..I could see my point was not going to go anywhere. So FF to last Thursday when he got home from his visit. He was not fed his baby food or bottle by the time he got back so I questioned her. She said that when she got there (he has unsupervised remember) his bottle was full of some nasty juice that she immediately dumped out. I then made another mistake and said "Yikes..the new recommendation is 12 months for juice." That sparked another "something" in her and off she went again! I have NO IDEA what S. fed the Baby while he was there with him, but I do know that Baby did not react well to it!!! I was up off and on ALL night Thursday into Friday because whatever it was his body couldn't handle it :(

I'm so frustrated because what I'm saying isn't being heard and won't change! So I have to suck it up and deal with Baby all night after a visit because people are not considering what his little body can handle! I'm all for trying new foods and textures as they are appropriate! Just wait till S.'s overnight visits and he gets to deal with what he's doing :-) Reality!

OK...vent over!!!


CherubMamma said...

Those are some of the real day to day difficulties of fostering for sure! My kids are all older. But I have to deal with junk food and koolaid all the time. Every time Pumpkin's mom sees her Pumpkin gets some sort of junk food. That, and no one seems to care anything about the importance of napping a toddler.

Our Journey said...

Oh Amen on the naps!!! Our guy doesn't like to sleep in the car much anymore, and of course visit time is smack in the middle of nap!