Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One more step done :)

Yesterday we had our health dept. inspection. It is so quick and easy! The hardest part for him was to use his new computer gadget thingy to find our name-lol! The only thing that he noted (just to us...not on the paperwork) was that we had potatoes in a bag under the sink. I had no idea that was no-no, but they are moved and so voila! PASSED!

I have been busy getting all licensing paperwork together as well as thinking about/gathering whatever paperwork I can think of for the adoption worker!!!! She may get a bit overloaded b/c I am a bit paperwork a*nal and tend to have things done quickly. I will not be the one to hold up this adoption...that's for sure!!! :-)

Of course 3 foster care related appts isnt' enough for the week, so I was expecting more! lol! Baby's case manager emailed yesterday and of course she has to come this week too, so she'll come at 12 tomorrow and our sw at 1:00. I actually like them all coming in one week because my house is super clean and then the other week I can slack off a bit :)

God is helping this week go super quick so we can get to Monday and (hopefully!!!) TPR sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

:) I do the same thing... Cram them all into one DAY if I can swing it. I usually tell them that I'm only taking one day off of work for the month, and if they want to come during the DAY, they'll need to do it that day. Otherwise, someone is going to be enjoying my presence in the evening. They usually jump at the daytime offer. ;-)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he - we are soo the same. If it depends on me at all- IT WILL BE DONE ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Hate hold ups :) hence my whining about the house.

He he he.....do social workers know how many hours of cleaning happen on their behalf??? he he he....too funny!

Mary H. said...

great news that these things are underway! Note re: the potatoes, our public health laws in the hospital state that NOTHING can be stored under a sink. We had to have locks placed on the cabinet doors so no one places anything under there. I imagine a potential leak onto a food item might be what he was commenting on. Something no one would ever think of...we do wash potatoes b-4 using them after all!