Monday, August 22, 2011

Termination...sort of!

I went into court today expecting both parents rights to be terminated. We got 1/2 the victory today! Mom's rights were terminated (the one I was more concerned about). It was weird because they says some things, the baliff has to walk the halls calling her name and come and report no one answered. Then it was over instantaneously! It was crazy how non-chalantly it seemed to happen. I guess I was the only one who felt that tremendous weight lifted and wanted to get up and dance...they are used to it!!

Dad's rights are still in tact because of the diligence search and the lack of rush (apparently) in getting them to the AG's office :( Really...this guy has not seen his son, visited, talked to, or made ANY contact with ANYONE since December last year. BUT WAIT...let's really try to find him because he might still be interested. Ok...sorry for that sarcasm!! Sometimes things just seem ridiculous. So now we have a Distribution hearing on Oct. 24th when Dad's rights **should** be terminated!!! We will also cover the "manifestation of best interest" with the GAL attorney :)

More waiting...I was praying we could finalize before his 2nd anniversary in care and the end of the year. It looks like that won't happen, but it's all part of God's plan so we rest in His plan and enjoy our spunky little guy!!!!

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Mary H. said...

Hopefully that bailiff will only walk the hall one more time and this can be PERMANENTLY resolved. Congrats on the first half!