Saturday, August 6, 2011

Potty Training update

I am SO happy to announce that Little Man is pretty much trained as long as we are at home! He wears big boy underwear and runs to his potty from wherever he is. He isn't using the regular toilet yet, but's not in a diaper so I am thrilled! For my own sanity he still wears one to bed and will for awhile, but day-trained is a big step! Now public is another story...we can go for a walk around the neighborhood, but I'm still a little skiddish about the grocery store or something like that. Baby steps.... :-)

Baby is improving with his breathing! Something else is bothering him today...could be teeth. He's grumpy! Anyway, something else has been on my mind with him and that is that he arches his body a lot. He'll do it a lot when he is sitting on my lap or lying on the floor. He'll do it in any mood, so it's not just when he's angry/upset. I'm thinking it's a sensory "thing" and I would like to have an OT evaluate him. I'll have him/her look at his tongue hanging out too....if anything I think it's more of an OT issue rather the chromosomal disorder/mental impairment that the other lady said! Although he is starting to keep it in more, so maybe it is nothing. His 6 month check up is at the end of the month, so I'll ask for a referral then. Any of you have any experience with OT and medicaid??? I'm thinking it's not going to be an easy or fun experience-lol!

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Teresa said...

You won't have to deal with Medicaid for OT. You'll have the pediatrician make a referral to your state's Early Intervention Program. They will do the evaluation and set up services for him. They have you (or whoever signs consents) sign a waiver for them to bill Medicaid, but the state pays for all children in EI. I've had 2 children in EI in NY and it has been relatively painless. I even had my choice of agencies to work with for therapy.