Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Phone call

The transporter called about an hour ago to see how the baby was and I told her what was up. She said she thought we should cancel the visit and I totally agreed.

She called back about 1/2 hour ago to say that she called his Dad to cancel the visit and he was not happy that Baby is so sick. She said he wanted to how he got so sick (adamantly!) She told him that because he didn't cancel his visit last Tuesday I had to take the baby to the her office, he had to ride in her van to the mall after that where the aunt/uncle did not show for their visit either, then back to the office before he finally came home. He was sick 2 days later. I'm not saying it definitely was that, but it's a pretty good guess!! Add to that...he and two of his siblings all have lung issues and a regular cold for one person gets to be more serious for them.

She ended our phone call asking me to call the Dad (he wanted to speak to me directly) and pacify him. So I *67 ed and called him. I was expecting some irateness from what the FRS was saying, but he was all "yes ma'am" to me :) He asked me if Baby was moving at all. Ummm...yeah! He's on two steroids...he hasn't stopped moving!!! lol!!! I think he had this picture that Baby was lying in bed all "dead-like." Glad I could calm his fears. He wants me to keep him informed. I said that was not a problem, but I hope he doesn't start calling the workers expecting them to ask me to call every hour or something! He tends to call both workers about 4-5 times a day! I'll call him again tomorrow when hopefully Baby will be doing better!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Yikes.....sometimes it is hard.... :) Praying he does get better soon!!