Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another email....

So here we are almost 2 months after our last court hearing and 5 days before our next one and here surfaces Little Man's mom once again! It is everyone else's fault that no one has contacted her. I sent her a page long letter of all the things LM is doing along with about 5 pictures. I actually have more pictures to send her. I sent them to the address given in open court, so if she did not receive them it is not my fault. She requested in her email to have my email address (I gave it to her in the very beginning, but she never used it). She said she has a computer coming her way and wants to do a "daily chat" so we can keep in contact that way. Ummmmm....I will email you, but a daily chat isn't gonna happen sista!

At the end of the email she once again blamed the GAL and CM for her leaving FL and going to NY and that she has an aunt that would take LM, but the important part she said was "it's too late for that now." THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! She understands that LM will not be going anywhere and she pretty much said goodbye (again) to him in the email. I don't think there will be any problems come Monday and there will be a HUGE celebration that evening. Don't get me wrong....I really do feel for A. She is the product of her environment and is doing what she knows. I do (have) grieved for her as a mother, but at the same time knowing that LM will be our son forever is PRICELESS!!!

PRAYING that she has been appropriately served and things can be DONE on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING I hear SHOUTS OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!! MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be listening :)

Totally know what you are talking is hard because you do grieve for them...but there comes a time when you realize you will be the forever mommy! And it is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!