Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gotta stop answering the phone!

Today another phone call came. This time it was baby's biological aunt (maternal). If you remember, he was having random visits with his siblings (2 of them live with her) back near the beginning of this case, but hasn't had a visit since June-ish. She called wanting to reconnect and needed the new CM's phone number. She asked me for an overnight visit with baby from Christmas Eve to Christmas night!!!!!!!! She asked if I minded.

So much was running through my mind, but I told her that I would really like him for Christmas morning. She said that Christmas evening overnight to the next day would be ok. UGH!!! I really don't like that she just shows up again because it's the holidays. That's so not fair to baby!!! So he has not seen her in nearly 6 months and now he has to go for an overnight :(

I emailed the case worker and warned her this lady would be calling. I told her that I would really prefer a day visit or at least a playdate or two BEFORE any overnight visits because it's so scary for a baby to go strangers, especially when he's becoming very aware of people he knows vs those he doesn't.

I will wait to hear from the worker today and go from there.....I also do not know what time bio-dad will get with him on the holidays as well. I am all for keeping family connections, but it's just all too convenient for her to be around at the holidays and nothing in between. We'll she if her interest continues after the new year.


MamaFoster said...

oh that makes me want to cry. please try to stand your ground and do what is best for YOUR family and the baby. she has not earned the right to try to take him away during Christmas. if it was dad i would be more understanding and try to work it out with him but her even asking is so unfair.

Kelly said...

So sorry.

Mama P said...

Oh, sweet Baby...I hope this doesnt happen at all. I agree with MamaF.

Praying that the caseworkers have some sense and realize you can't just show up on holidays.

Maggie said...

uuugggghhhhh. So frustrating when random family shows up whenever they feel like it.

CandCFamily said...

That would be so frustrating. I think a day time visit would be hard enough for someone who disappeared out of his life for months.

Andrew and Esther said...

That is sickening. I am so sorry you have to fight that. Keep advocating for your baby boy!!! That's why you're there.