Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Baby went back to the pulmonologist yesterday and when the Dr. listen he said he sounded GREAT! I was so excited to hear that after all that we have been through with his RSV. The Dr. then mentioned that kids who have been hospitalized with RSV have a much higher chance of developing asthma due to it. Couple that with the original reasons we are seeing him and baby is now being put on a very low dose inhaler. 2 puffs once a day. Let me tell you...I LOVE THIS THING!! If you have ever had to use a nebulizer, you know just how crazy long they take. I was so excited to get a little contraption that is a holding chamber for the "puff" and then baby just takes 5-6 breaths. 1 min break. Do it again and DONE!! He also gave me albuterol in the same form for "as needed" issues that arise. Ummm....I really wish they would have given this to me SOONER!! :)

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Glad he is doing sooo much better :)