Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Baby had his follow up appt today and the Dr. said he sound GREAT! She thought he just had a treatment when in fact it was 4 hours ago, so WONDERFUL news!! She wants us to space them to 6-8 hours now. NO PROBLEM!! :)

Little Man's stitches also came out today. He was such a big boy while she was snipping and pulling them out. He cried when she was done-LOL!! A lollipop made everything better and other than a cushion bandage for a few more days he is good to go!

Now...I would really appreciate it God if we could stay OUT of the hospital for a bit!!

A couple of things I forgot.....

1) Friday morning when we were admitted I just happened to put on my licensing agency t-shirt. God sure got some attention! I've never had so many inquiries about foster care! Praise God :)

2) A nurse actually asked me how my pregnancy with Baby was. Ummmm....I am super pasty white (even though I live in a state that sees a lot of sun!) and Baby is dark chocolate! LOL! I laughed out loud because I thought she was kidding...she wasn't! lol!! I composed myself and said that I was his foster mother and did not give birth to him :-) A little humor in a tense situation-hee hee!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

So glad he is doing better!!!!! PRAISE GOD :)

Mama P said...

Oh "Pay Gah!" for healing and being able to go home! I hope everyone catches up on rest and you have a sweet Christmas time together.

t. marie said...

What do you mean? I think Baby looks just like you! Send those inquiries my way :-)