Monday, December 26, 2011


Wow...all those feelings of Baby's aunt calling and wanting him on Christmas were for NOTHING! :) Not only did she not ever call the case manager to ask permission, she didn't call me (totally expected this) yesterday to ask for his visit.

Baby's Dad was going to have a visit last week but then due to his illness Dad said he could just stay here and heal. They had a visit all set up for this Wed. I got a text yesterday saying he all the sudden had to leave town. Hmmm.....When I asked what the emergency was he said that it was his mother's 85th birthday. Something doesn't add up. You don't suddenly leave town for a birthday that has been the same day every year for the past 85 years-lol! Now he says he won't be back until Jan. 3rd. Ok...whatever! :) This has been an ongoing "thing." He says he's going out of town, but he doesn't. Sigh.....

I had a dream last night that I got a text from Baby's dad that said he loved him very much but couldn't care for him and would be adopt him. Ohhh...I am praying that's prophetic and really happens!! :) It would make the upcoming months so much easier :) Easy and foster care aren't words you really put together though-lol!

Little Man's (His nickname here is Moose so that's what I am going to start calling him in blogland too!) bio-mom keeps emailing me and asking me to call her and tell Moose that she loves him and show him her (weird) pictures she sends me, etc. I had to stop responding...she's wearing me out!!!! The last thing that sent me over a bit was when I saw her myspace page. about living in the past. The whole thing is about Moose. She listed him as her occupation, the title of her page and in her "blurb" it's all about how she is second and she puts him first. Hmmm...really? The only cool part was that she has a few (blurry) pictures of Moose when he was really little. He was soooo pudgy even from the very start! It makes me wonder...why him??? She has 2 other children that she has given birth to and NO mention of them, no pictures, etc. Why Moosie??? Why do we get to deal with her?? LOL!!

Anyway....Christmas was wonderful celebrating Christ's birth :) Baby could have cared less about the presents...all he wanted to do was roll around in the wrapping paper!! LOL!!!

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MamaFoster said...

Merry Christmas, sounds like it worked out perfectly.