Monday, December 12, 2011


Whew...Friday was such a high!!!! Now we are already for court again tomorrow!! The MBI should be pretty straight forward as there are no family members that can care for him and we have had him for so long! :) Praying for a quick hearing and moving on to ADOPTION!!!!

Onto a story.....

Saturday evening everything was going as our Sat. evenings usually do. Minutes later a shrill scream of "MMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" The tip of Little Man's pinky finger was smashed in the door!!! I opened it quickly and realized that the finger was almost severed. It was holding on by a tiny bit on the bottom. Oh the blood!!! I do not do well with blood whatsoever!!!! I was freaking out and yelling for "A" to get me the phone. Hubby doesn't carry a cell phone and had just left work so I knew he was about 25 min. out. That wasn't going to work! I called our stand-in Nana to come over and I rushed him to the hospital.

I was AMAZED at his calmness in the ER. He didn't cry and after a few minutes he didn't even want to be held. He walked around and charmed people as usual! He was dancing and singing for the nurses :)

The only part he cried about was the shot to numb it, but that was all. They put him in a restraint called a Papoose to keep him from moving and messing with what they were doing. He loves to be sung to so I asked him what he wanted to sing and he said "Jesus Loves Me" I sucked it up for my boy and sang in front of strangers! Much to my surprise not only did Little Man join in singing, so did the doctor and his nurse!!! Jesus was there with my boy fixing his finger :)

They had to put in 4 stitches but it looks like his finger! They warned me that sometimes they can't get it perfect and it ends up a bit crooked :( Praise God they were able to stitch it up nice :) He is doing pretty well with it except he hasn't accepted the fact her can't use it like he usually does. The bandage has come off a few times because he (of course!) insists on being independent and doing things himself. We are just so thankful that he is going to be fine, should have normal usage and our God protected him from total severation!!

This too shall pass/heal....I guess the enemy wasn't as happy about Friday's news as we were huh?! No weapon formed against us shall remain!!!

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