Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So Little Man's bio mom has been emailing a lot again and she just emailed me a picture of his biological sister. She and little Man could be twins...seriously!!! They look exactly alike!! Little P. was adopted at birth by a family in another state. Bio-mom also has a son (9 yrs old) that lives in her state.

All of my children have biological siblings...somewhere! Some I know about and I bet there are more I have no idea about.


How have you all addressed this issue in your families?? All the bio-siblings I know about are all adopted by other families and not with the bio-parents. Have you asked bio-parents for info (email/phone) to connect with them? How have you talked with your children about this? At what age? I know just by looking at my kids which ones will be ready for this information before others.

Little Man's bio-mom wants me to call her on Christmas...whew...gonna have to pray about that one!

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