Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today marks the 2 year "anniversary" of when Little Man was dropped off at our door!!! I remember that day as though it were yesterday! He loved looking at the Christmas tree and we got to see his sweet smile for the first time when he saw his reflection in a red bulb :) I cherish the very first picture of my children surrounding his car seat and smiling at this new adventure!

We have been foster parents for 2 years. We have had 2 placements in that entire time. Not at all what we had "planned" but of course we love God's plan for our family better!! There is court today...pre-trial. There has been some talk about next Friday NOT being the actual trial and I will FLIP if this is true :( We continue to walk forward as God has planned, but doing it with a happy heart has been my challenge-lol! I'm a work in progress ok? :)

I can't imagine our lives without our spunky, sassy little 2 year old who continues to challenge me in parenting. Thanks for making me a better momma Little Man :)!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

COVERING you all in prayer!!!

Mama P said...

We make one year on Dec 3! We've had a completely different experience than you, though, as we are picking up a newborn baby boy this afternoon to make placement number seven for us! We haven't kept any past 6 months.

Praying for the trial dates. I am right there with you, struggling with a "happy heart." Thankful, blessed, willing, obedient...but sometimes happy is hard.