Monday, December 19, 2011

Ready for things to slow down already!

Friday morning I woke and baby just sounded horrible. The meds he was on had not made a dent in how he was feeling or sounding so I planned on taking him in again. I called the Dr. and she just happened to be out sick so I told the nurse that his RR was 70 (for a boy his age it should be between 30 and 40 typically). She recommended we head to the ER. I called hubby home from work and took him in.

The nurse was really snotty with me about his condition saying that no child gets like this acutely unless there was trigger (her suggestion was a live Christmas tree). I insisted there was nothing new and she continued with her comments. Whatever! The dr. came in and said that he wanted a chest x-ray and RSV / flu test. A bit later it came back that sweet baby had RSV and was given some super strong meds. After one treatment his pulsox was still 89-90 so he said he's have to admit him.

I called my hubby and was not very pleased, but neither was I! We rearranged our weekend and plans completely. It was a lllloooonnnggg 3 days of treatments every 2-4 hours and we became good friends with the suction machine and percussor! I was practically begging the nurse to get me out of there!!! I had about 1-2 hours of sleep each night and we couldn't leave the room because he was contagious. For this Momma of 4 who is constantly moving, sitting in a small room was torture! lol! I thought my arms were going to fall off as well from holding baby 24/7! Time to get back to the gym for sure :)

At 5:00pm last night we were released. I told baby we were going home and he raised his little IV'd arm and said "Pay Gah!" (Praise God!) Soooooo sweet!!! Today he continues to sleep a lot and is very whiny and only wants to be held. I can totally understand, but I am grateful that there is another set of arms to take him :)

Due to all of this I missed the pick up for the foster angel gifts so our wonderful social worker picked them up for me today. They have been so blessed once again this year, although I'm not quite sure baby is going to be so interested in the High School Musical remix-lol! Maybe we can bless someone else with that!

I was pleasantly surprised that Baby's dad realized the situation for what it is and agreed to delay a visit (even on Christmas week) so baby can heal. What a contrast to our other case where the child's needs were not thought of first (by the birthparents).

So that's us...we are trying to catch up and finish things up for the holidays. :) So excited to see Baby on his first Christmas :)


Mary H. said...

So glad to hear you got to come home yesterday! I hope you both get some well deserved and needed rest! And grateful about his dad having some common sense and kindness.

t. marie said...

Pay Gah!!!!